Iconicity Atlas

Maria Flaksman

Author of the "Iconicity Atlas" Project
St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University "LETI", St. Petersburg Institute of Foreign Languages
Research interests: diachronic iconicity, onomatopoeia, sound symbolism, historical-comparative linguistics, historical lexicology, Gothic language, Old English language, language typology.
Main publications:
Maria Flaksman, 2015. Diachronic Development of English Iconic Vocabulary, PhD thesis, University of St. Petersburg.


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Natalia Noland

Subject Matter Expert and Project Coordinator
Houston Community College
Research interests: dialectal iconicity, onomatopoeia, sound symbolism, language typology, theoretical phonetics, translation studies, intercultural communication
Main publications:
Natalia Shvetsova, 2011. Iconic Words in English Dialects, PhD thesis, St. Petersburg University of Economy


Alice Kleeva

Web developer and designer
Research interests: number visualization, history of medieval philosophy, medieval architecture
Main publications:
Philosophic foundations for spatial-numerical conceptions in medieval European culture, PhD thesis. University of St. Petersburg, 2011.


Participants of the Project

Some of Iconicity Atlas informants have kindly agreed to leave some information about them on our web-page. Languages are given in alphabetical order.

English Lee Andrew Matthews, 40 Cheltenham, United Kingdom