Iconicity Atlas

June 2019: Iconicity Atlas was presented at the 3nd International Conference Neurobiology of Speech and Language. Saint Petersburg, Russia, June 1- 5th 2019. Presentation: A quest for phonosemantic universals: Iconicity Atlas Project (Maria Flaksman, Alyssa Kleeva).


May 2019: Iconicity Atlas was presented at the 12th International Symposium on Iconicity in Language and Literature (ILL-12), 3-5 May 2019, Lund University, Lund 2019. Talk: Universal vs. Language Specific: Iconicity Across Languages (Natalia Noland, Maria Flaksman)


November 2018: Spanish is added to the Atlas.

August 2018: Polish, Slovak, Croatian, and Icelandic materials are published.

February 2018: Extensive commentary is added to the entries of the English list

November 2017: An updated version of the Atlas appears online

May 2017: English audio is recorded

September 2016: English Questionnaire is filled in and published online

17.06.2016: Iconicity Atlas appears online

January 1, 2016: works on the website started

March 15, 2015: presentation of the Project at the XLIV International Philological Conference at the University of St. Petersburg

October 2014: start of the Project